Wanted the converging parts of day to reveal themselves accordingly, to reverse the patterns of nighttime hung in darkness around the limbs of the lowest reaching branches. They sweep with the wind, catch small parts of soil or rain beating back up toward the sky, reaffirm the conditions of process, conditioned the rules of beauty before they existed. The thirds or emphasis we must catch or meter with, the small deviations between any motion that could make either beauty or the ugliness easier to discern. Wince in the mediums of decision or diverge the cautionary predicaments to condensations of sublimated convergence; the furious assumption, which parts could have led to any other difference? The axil swings in the same motions, in the ever changing and removing positions of imagined interaction or varieties of experience according to reaffirmed or reactionary performances of thought progress. The lined patterns of touch, from the branches to the ground, the patterns to hope for, the missing parts of measurable space between the ground and any amount of growth show seams in dropping or brushing along. Leave pictures of touch, faint portraits of the breeze working or boundaries of significance swinging another picture to image in mind, ever moving or remembered as stillness within other moving picture. What part of my memory will sit still? even for something as simple as that? just a branch and the ground, the difficulty of touch or finding the texture of the accidental in patterns of nature. wanted the trunk to describe the way daylight could hit, wanted to give depth apart animism, reaching or dancing or becoming something else, it needs to represent thought, not just be a tree. Its all could describe.


Conditioned to reversals and missing irregardless of the target, another questioning machine for asking answers that cannot be found, or that are better imaginary or unkown. What could usefulness limit in ourselves based on assumptions of answers or definitives? Same quandaries, these same figurative construed missteps to the perfectly assembled and apriorist parts allowed in pictorial representation. what small tick on any other graph meant the sanctity of life or appreciation of daytime must be stolen? What sort of representation could I imagine of my thought? What parts are left for the imagination to separate itself from thought, to recognize itself as separate? What limbs sprouted reptilian representations of self to mask or mirror, to redefine themselves according to makeshift charts that inform based on relegations of flesh and punishment for free thought? Information could never separate itself entirely, these senses we apply to knowledge could never know actual perspective, or what idea of observation could formulate itself in the medium of my mind today? The will of observation, the conscious will in perspective of assumption or the fact itself that wonder exists to say there must be another perspective on my own assumption from within myself connotates the tensions between will and “the” observer. Information is never an assumption of shared space, of automatic communication: the controlled excitement of idea could not be settled to individualism alone, nor should automatically belong to everyone in wants to be free.


Totality conundrums and specificity conductions that regulate the second rate to distances between any number or space, that alias themselves to biases in patterns of consistency based on figures of speech. Distance gathered ratios to spaces between negative or positive, to guessing and neutrality, suddenly wondered at the readiness to bombard a wrong answer. Could tell anything, could believe any part of imaginary, could create any amount of fictional interaction or interpretation or inspiration to pretend at a thought, as if it would alleviate a hunger or need in curiosity. Finding different ways to ask and different questions, and or getting stuck to the same old differences. Defenses for the loss or feeling of forgetting, what extremities beyond will reach for a corrected reality, will want for a sense of self as part rather than separate. And isolated, what mysterious ideas become imparted of the sense conditioned in togetherness. Beyond, ease and praddle convert sentence structures to muck and distance severed vocabulary listings from conversion table-type emotional spectrum, give relevance in courage and comfort and take removal as such, along with silence as an answer. Regulatory figures, legends, holotypes, the exclusive and exclusions, reasons it could seem impossible to directly ask for freedom. Individualism without persistency could avoid itself the confrontation of absolutes ever necessary in the liberal anxieties of crowd share or the ways in which any amount of information will ever amount to any amount of reality. Information reliability: separatist etymological defamation in lexiphane conundrums of frustrated caging. The best it gets, sorry. Particularity conundrums in grouping or organizing according to risk assessments during cognitive processes in which the words we use to deflate overly intellectual conversation quietly excuse themselves to the relevance of shame and sorrow or hunger and overly intellectual thirst. Here, what’s left for hearing out the conversions of discovery in the measurements of scored pattern or the beyond that imaginary can be for itself. Imaginary unaware of itself, must be in some form of absence or song learning that just instinctually happens, what seems real or actual or important. Becomes parts of scenery, breaks suddenness and imagery, gives tone or meaning in wanted peace and equality: as if any particular standing point will ever give us an even enough field for that.

Wakes in full views of pools filled to emptying from the textures affixed beyond whatever radiance would define itself in the non-definitive or condition itself to sight in paths of relevance, already seen before, already enveloped and entirely set apart and alone. Beyond any participation, there were concerted efforts of particulars and digits to construct frames of daylight that conform or comfort the lists set to digest the relegation of thought progress or the timing for patterns that need digestive limits or absorb everything. Figures contrasting in the frequency of daydreaming, there are movements beyond any fluidity we could imagine, that seem so graceful, that happen so magnificently, that miss us entirely and frighten or condition themselves slowly and surprise us in acrobatics. Tactile senses for the derivatives positioned to affect the indicative or inference, to decide inspiration for itself and beyond any actual interaction: marks in path to direct the motion of nutrients as digestion, to serve beyond decidability factors, actual surrounding gradient of potential for absorption. What we tend to pick up. Static charges for stillness, uninterrupted disinvolvement and a catalyst of no induction, freedom for radical thought beyond irrational and beyond reason, conduction of free thought or the want for actual imaginary space. Weighted parts of distance contrived from the absence, a void particular to its own space of indicative, significant according to its own autonomous space and recombinative in actual chaos. the combining separates as induced, contracts at the same instant of instinctual velocity, becomes cartography for differential performances of alternative or potential. Patterned significant catches to memory frames for the idea that memory entirely separates itself from imaginary, or that any one of these energetics is entirely isolated or able to operate as though separate from any other function of the brain or the body.


Fortunate enough and still skipping along the revery that allows free thought or the ideas therein, we watched them sublimate themselves and condition according to gradient from surrounding predicament or unseen assumption. Purchased in parts of daydream or considered as part of a conglomerate or collective with no options of separation, the apriory functionality constraint in variance relinquishes the facts of nothing, the parts of distress that will remain unseen when imaginary conditions or connections seem likely enough, when each and every is trying to own or borrow a coincidence of thought. Here, what inspirations! Which parts of imaginary space will forget the temptation of animation, will resist the want for humanistic projection to each inanimate object or objectifying proclamation of desired space? Transforms the space around it as quickly as it sets for another condition, these paths set for moments which refuse to be recorded, these passing gradients that cannot be measured or the actual weight of inference that allows any sort of separation to actual information from a surrounding frequency or wave to seem however useful it needs to for a moment, then expiring itself and rearranging according to autonomous space. a rake to the senses to remember the avoidance of animism, here, somewhere, these objects surrounding stayed themselves, without them and beyond any idea of self. Can’t even actually observe objects without trying to attach them in some way to our humanistic metaphor of existence, and this sense trickles over in the naming and claiming of imaginary or mental events, in the want for control over coincidence in proclaiming and naming them for any amount of specificity that could work for any amount of non-isolated incidents, that could describe itself according to ambiguity in just about any surroundings in most of the same ways. be clear, here, there are more that a few ways of looking at any given idea or conditioned collective hallucination: perspective is analogous to your own alone. it shifts with every gap in understanding, as soon as your almost feeling finished, another transform of a mysterious object beyond definition, that could be memorized for moments in certain imagined positions of static, which then contorts itself beyond even that recognition to entirely different shapes of the same assumed object. Impossible impossibilities, always moving and ever a continuance of change that allows for newness, the evolutionary anachronisms that give new paths to formulate in diversity beyond selection, or that we would like to have some sure set or predicament for, but that is chaos, that cannot be sought, that has not been hidden or disappeared. The more you seek it, the farther it is removed from you: finding nothing for medium from a conglomerate basis in idealisms of togetherness formulated to connect according to imaginary space, knowing imaginary will never be non-biased space. irrationality senses for false involvement, the idea that the inspiration could be owned or as if any could be owed for thought is a condition of collective animism that tries to claim and name others image voice, narratives dilemma, and coincidence and accident without actual participation and without permission. I wrote you into a poem once, but had to erase your name. then, I had to erase most of the poem. then, I started over and it wasn’t about you, but I could still feel the absence, so I erased it. who owns this?

Warning (prompt)

Took another caution for the time against wonder

fought the conditioned frequency

asking about guidance in provincial

distrusting fierceness

this, for other voiceless masses

When the fear doesn’t silence

as if we had loud voices to begin with

quieted, complacent in friendly neighborhoods

careful warnings for cruelties

just in case, guilt can save your shame

and it’s a grace, anyway

the precautions become

wary needlessness or uneasy confrontation

spaces between the pain and fear

watched imaginary movement,

could picture anything

painted precautions in limits to paranoia

those to feel worried in cause or effect

blame concentrated or concerted frustration

a singular imaginary guarding

incurable warning defense

and says guard yourself, become more vulnerable

what could testify beyond any silence

in the horrible void: bewary beyond, but never show

in precaution to oneself alone, possessive

supposed strength or could have thought it was protection

in strange devices or unkempt ferocity

forgotten to the humane

what strange bravery would

ask for more vulnerability?


via Daily Prompt: Warning


Waited the diligence beyond me, contrived the positions for avoidance or condensed my own revenge to small pockets of grinning indignation for the surplus of condescension. More reasons to permit or regard accordingly; more chances to prove yourself decent enough to exist or the basest conditions dismissed themselves against the measurements for actuality, for the realism or that artistic inclination against the abstraction but always in conceptual and nothing between. the distances between response or the decisions for wording can remain the absolute wonder of others, could name itself to instance for moments, could disappear to other ether or convince itself of better endings for the purposes in timing or reach. Positioned randomness to regard, there must be no such thing, here, and beyond is another reach for something that must somehow be known or fathomable to us. We’ll beat the confusion with mythological comforters, we’ll sweat out the significance in too many layers and confound ourselves to answers that set for moments and then disappear themselves. portions of decision making process stolen for the ransom of absolutes, of all the escapes in the sanctities of capital gain or the need to conform ourselves against the threat of workers injuries. here, freedom! the worry-free distal absolutist projectile encampments, gathered scrap in heaps, watched the dwellings contrive themselves before the remnants had even gathered themselves to corners, or before those capstones could even be recognized. the buildings sweat, glean in water weight and shift with the wind, can see the sunlight in short bars across the gaps left between siding. console ourselves with thoughts of worse-off, any decision was already made in the apriory, these conditions are better hoped for or against and must have attention in either way. what dwellings we’re given, the way we house ourselves, these flesh machines filled with daydreams, these empty darkened caverns for thought to fill. hey, another direction to get lost about, a difference in gathering or what my assumptions do to others’ dignity or how about how much more fulfilled in daily existence we must all be? constructs of destruction, here’s another phrase for the American aphorist shoot ask shoot mentality; definitives and directives from stolen decision making process or vagrant sympathies in departure and refusal to participate. Stay neutral! Bondage in strange positions and uncomfortable depressions, figures balanced precariously on another edge, somehow resisting the weather or the atmosphere crushing in weightlessness. Not a care in the world! Apathetic asthetic: here, caring too much means vulnerabilities that will be taken advantage of. probably in horribly unfair ways. Gratefully, we must realize how much has been sacrificed for such theft to even be possible; what dignities we have are in the realization of them being stolen. removal principles, it must have become itself from a negative indicative someplace; must have opposite reaction of some sort, must have opposition to exist. An equal reaction, and not just opposite? Negativism crowds around these darkened corners of means to any end, possibilities in assuming the worst and expecting the betterments, the last time I saw a positive story take up equal time in newscasting, the truly caring find themselves uncaring as the best fit. There’s no need for self-denial in being entirely removed.


what’s another for the delinquency in pages or the pushing for the sake of it, what about the other rounds about the same temples rubbing in frustration or the sampling of supposed emotion? Claim to another poetical phrasing syndrome, practicality can almost write itself after long enough, here’s another way to avoid having to feel it, as if avoidance is all we are ever given. That absence, must be claimed or named in some way or another, must have some sort of comfort in the thought of solice beyond the refinement of culture or the desecration that most have only expected. expectations to blame for the awareness itself, the subjects had chosen themselves and refused to shift, the congruence paused in just the instances that were unnecessary and decrepit to us. purchase another chance to change the rate of void in the only options we have staring at us like our own murals of devils painted on the walls around us. musta been askin’ for it. same rounds again, as if brand new and gouging themselves as if miles deep. here’s another fault for losing the chase, the ravines that none care pass or other ways to avoid as if the options were ours and if we can reconstruct it must have been our fault to begin with. Escape, these portions or positions assumed of space that doesn’t technically exist or defiances of apriory in association, despite another contract for deciding a way to think or allowances for interaction in collections of anxiety. Curved another bent weight in leaning backwards, as if the navigation of such saturated conditions must be picture perfect and absolutely purified; crooked, narrow pathways and considerate felled contractions in paradox or discomfort translations in hidden references. Collocation of personhood, here’s another grouping mechanism for confirmation of conformance to identitarian absolutes: hey, they’ll get ya somehow….free will must be a choice, and you’ll be forgiven for losing it to archetypes.

REPEATED WORDS ((it never ends))

Would ask the firmament again the paces allowed in responses or the same questions over and again, the ways in which we are able to circumvent them or the timing that we separate ourselves from others with. Those ideas were closed to this, encapsulated form and conditioned themselves to convince of extra sensory divergences of responsibility or the convenience of preparation and decision making to the crime of mentalism. As if every chance we get is already swallowed away for us, against some current we must be imagining for ourselves. these cold open loneliness repetition comfort lines rehearsed ways to protect free thought, considered the likeliness that information reliability exists to us anymore, that we’ll ever be on the same page. each idea for response had already formed itself, had already considered the devices necessary response, had already factored for the will to decide a reaction: and every decidable action in account for the doxastic responsibility imagined for the escape artists wondering and refusing set limits for risk assessments and global alarm mechanisms. Here, another alarm to start, another balm for the bruising, another bombardment of consideration or catastrophic wake beyond the fronts of apriory. there are plenty of lists to give yourself, reliable response or rhetoric, here’s word finding for the in-between, here’s another thesaurus lacking the diction between the garnered syntax of definition. What our searching has lead us about, the ways in which we consider each other and the loner syndrome disheveling like, how are people around you when they’re not around you? Imagining these faces I’ve seen or those I’ve never met, able to shift or morph them to say what I imagine, what I condense in medium and return to myself in cautions or refusal limits have bound to those same sacrifices and offerings of consent idealisms and anxiety ridden stupor and ambiguity senselessness in possibility convolutions of wanted interaction. The places it matches up, the most frightening sense of togetherness: I had imagined or dreamed this, some part of my mind had guessed based on experience and interaction, the possible conditions in allowed or regularity rhetoric for any given situation, and in the potential of recombinance suddenly formulates indicatives of future or past, far too familiar and far too foreign. Existential detachments reform against the frequented language, and how condensed have we become in catch phrases and acronym its own evidence in persistent stupor about the normal or acceptable words, the actions and posturing that move these uninterrupted symbols to shapes of syllable and motivations in sound, that allow for such sense of eased togetherness, likeness is becoming more and more a continuer in absence. imagery is ever escaping, barely set a severance for the optional or proposed weariness trial of respectfulness that fears the sights crashed into such quandary. Practiced as if interruption were possible, as if the streaming consciousness that takes parts of us to share would ever realize itself or find actual stillness in a universe of constant motion and constant sound. There are places within me that silence blooms, or distorts, or dims to the sweetness manufactured with saliva. There is actual stillness in coincidences of space without time, as if we could manufacture it in these strange machines, everywhere else holds similar limits, these animals we are share each to certain points. here, these were building blocks and protective constraints to the information reliability in nature and homeostasis that won’t compete. These severe balances we contort ourselves to, these animals we are in humanitarian bindings that must suffice the past to decipher the honor promised in immortality from the pride of assurance, that test the separation we must be from environment or attainability or affordance structure, an echo niche and actors performing our characters for the continuum of the planet. (it never ends)